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Corporate philosophy


Purpose of our organisation

We are an internationally active company in the supply industry and we are lead by modern management practices. As such, we aim to provide genuine and useful services by offering expert advice to our clientele. We are committed to supplying products in accordance with the relevant standards and offer our customers comprehensive services and tailor-made solutions of high quality.


We have a friendly business relationship with our customers and our various suppliers and we only import standardized products from certified manufacturers. Our customers are offered innovative, high-quality products. Through targeted acquisitions we maintain our high standard market position.

Personnel policy

Aware of our social responsibility as an employer, we create progressive working conditions with an open-minded, far-sighted and comprehensive personnel policy. We have well qualified staff and strive to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our services through ongoing training. Open communication and dissemination of comprehensive information means a collegial corporate culture and an efficient, motivated team.

Our behavior towards market partners

In the pursuit of our economic goals, we adhere to the principles of good faith, objectivity and fairness with all our trading partners.